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Recommended Web Browser & Resolution

A word on web browsers...

With the proliferation of mobile devices, screen sizes and resolutions together with a plethora of web browsers, website development becomes quite challenging in trying to accommodate every variation.

This website is of bespoke design, running on "Arabica", a bespoke site engine. The core of the website has been written to standards compliance defined by the W3C Consortium.

All efforts have been made to ensure this website works and displays as intended across current versions of popular web browsers.

However, certain browsers may not operate to standards compliance, therefore we cannot guarantee this website will be displayed correctly to our intended specifications.

Responsive Design

The website has been built around a "responsive" design philosophy, where it can be viewed on large screens as well as mobile devices.

For the best possible experience and quality, we recommend the website be viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels.

Colour Accuracy

The photographic Images presented on this website have been optimised for internet display and the colours are only an approximate to the actual printed image.

However, the internet is not colour managed and colour accuracy varies greatly between screens and devices, therefore, colour variations may occur.

The Photographer's actual physical prints are produced on colour managed devices.