Welcome to Flavio R. Spedalieri Photography

Hello, I'm Flavio Spedalieri, and I'm a multi award winning Australian Photographer based in Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Artist Statement

I have a love for capturing moments. To feel a sense of "Just Being" at a location, immersed and allowing one-self be open to the surrounding subject and environment tell its story, evoking feelings and emotions that resonate within, taking in the finer details as well as the larger picture.

Through my eyes I create images that define the beauty of the environment which we live, an ever changing environment that we tend to let go by without second thoughts. I love to take the viewer on a journey, to bring emotion and connection (or reconnection) with the world we live.

My work is influenced through my varied interests, experiences, attention to detail & the selection of the finest quality framing and beautiful fine-art papers. From Capture to a final photograph hanging on a wall, my philosophy is high-quality of presentation and craftsmanship to produce photographs that are unique and captivating.

My Work; ever evolving. To capture the power of our surrounds, to bring a peaceful moment into our lives. To momentarily place time 'on-hold' to "Just Being in the moment" From Sunrise to Sunset, to the Moon and stars, there is light all around, each with a story to tell.

capturing moments through our eyes, mind & soul before passing into history"

- Flavio R. Spedalieri 2016

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