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Flavio Spedalieri is an award winning Australian Photographer based on Sydney's Northern Beaches with strong interests in Science and Technology and a love of landscapes that has carved and influenced his style for capturing unique and captivating images.

From a young age, Flavio developed strong interests and backgrounds in the fields of electronics, optics and LASERS, which to this day he continues to practice as an integral part of his professional work in the medical field of Ophthalmology. As a service & support engineer, Flavio works on specialised cameras to image the eye for diagnostic detection and identification of eye disease.

Flavio also has over 18 years experience in Information Technology, and qualified with a Diploma In Telecommunications Engineering, as well as a Cert IV is Training & Assessment.

Flavio has a strong passion in the coffee industry, having worked as a Service Technician on espresso equipment between late 2008 and 2010. To this day, he continues to have a passion for coffee, recently donating one of his photographic works to a small cafe on the NSW South Coast.

The Creative Influence

Flavio has a number of strong interests and a natural creative ability, from devices he has built including Lasers and Laser projectors to produce laser graphics, Night vision Equipment and Tesla Coils (high-voltage apparatus) to name a few. Over more recent years Flavio developed an interest in Bonsai, which also ties together the similarity between composition techniques in styling of the tree through to development of composition in a photograph.

A Seed Planted

Flavio is very much a self-taught photographer, but perhaps there is more to the story, perhaps, unknowingly a seed was planted much earlier;

Reading back on an old assessment that Flavio undertook while completing year's 11 and 12 to assess his strengths for prospective areas for employment, listed amongst the top were some of the creative fields, photography being one of the top. It is interesting when reflecting back, that Flavio's interests quite accurately track that early assessment.

As a young boy, Flavio, without realising had an early exposure to photography. His late Uncle Roberto who lived in New Caledonia, use to process film in a small lab in Noumea. Flavio used to help in the lab, in particular by pulling out the leader from the 35mm canister to then tape it to a large plastic carrier that was then loaded into the mini-lab developer. Uncle Roberto used to take Flavio out to the local beaches with his Minolta camera and quite a significant and substantial Zoom lens. Was this a 'silent' influence? Perhaps, as Flavio enjoyed taking photos, especially of the devices he built and places he travelled.

The Photographic Incentive

Around the late 1990s, Flavio had found his father's old Canon T50 which at the time was not working. The camera was sent for repairs and a couple of weeks later, returned as a working camera.

Flavio began to work with the camera applying an interest in taking varied photos. One disadvantage of this camera was that it was fully automatic, and ability to take control of exposure, shutter and aperture was very limited and soon was out-growing the camera, in-need of more manual features.

Around early 2000, Flavio had upgraded to a new Canon EOS 30 SLR, then eventually an EOS 3. Flavio's interests in the craft intensified as he became more interested in landscapes, and beautiful scenery.

Late 2005, the digital era was taking hold, Flavio was interested in the technological advancements, yet still with an influence on traditional film being superior in quality, and he waited for a 'full-frame' (35mm) digital camera to be released.

The answer finally came with the release of the now iconic Canon 5D, a 12 Mega-pixel camera.

Influential Photographers; From Snap-shots to High-Quality Fine-Art

In 2006, the opportunity to attend the 'Northern Exposure' workshop with renowned pioneer of Australian Panoramic landscape photography; Ken Duncan, David Oliver, one of Australia's best wedding and portrait photographers & Bruce Pottinger had a very significant influence on Flavio.

Soon after, Flavio also met grandmaster of photography, Peter Eastway.

These four Australian photographers have had the greatest influence on Flavio's work, focusing on strong emotive images through strong composition and story-telling; taking the viewer on a journey.

One of the most resonating influences on Flavio's work is the additional focus on high-quality and presentation of each piece from image capture, processing, fine-art papers, printing and framing materials through to the final image hanging on the wall.

In late 2006, Flavio became a member of the former Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), which after 75 years servicing the photographic community, closed its doors on 11th November 2021.

In 2007, Flavio received his first award for his works.

Current Works & Future Aspirations

With a love of the Australian South Coast, Flavio is often out shooting around Stanwell Park and Wollongong crossing the alluring Seacliff Bridge taking in the breathtaking surrounds and inspiring his creative mind.

The South Coast has some of the most tranquil areas and great opportunity for crafting some stunning images.

Flavio continues to improve his craft, creating new images, learning new skills and subjecting his images to critique in judging for awards. Flavio continues to focus on consistent quality of work to engage the viewer.

Flavio's aspirations to have is images known for their unique and high-quality standards, captivating the viewer and taken them through a journey of the beautiful world in which we live, yet seem to take for granted and where it seems technology and social media has us more engrossed in our virtual worlds.... until it's too late.

When Only The Best Deliver The Results I'm looking for...

In capturing unique, captivating & evocative images I only choose to work with the best equipment, materials and papers to enable me to create and present my work to the highest quality and professional standard that I demand.

Determined in seeking innovative advancement in the imaging area, in 2014 I transitioned from Canon (5D Mk II) to FujiFilm. Some may ask why?..a shift to FujiFilm... it's quite simple when you think about it, Fujifilm has its roots in film, and precision optics, but more importantly for me personally:

INNOVATION, QUALITY, SUPPORT... Most of all an extremely FUN and retro camera to use.

In maintaining my demand for high-quality images, all my editing and image post-production work is undertaken and viewed only on a colour managed EIZO ColorEdge CG277 Graphic monitor. EIZO manufacture the best high-resolution graphic monitors to faithfully reproduce colour, detail and clarity and the most accurate representation of the final print as it would on paper. My workflow commences from import of the X-T2 'RAW' file captures and processing them through Capture One Pro as its capable of extracting the best detail from the X-Trans™ sensors.

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