Awards & Recognition

Nowadays there are a variety of photographic competitions and systems, each with their own unique set of judging criteria, scoring systems and prizes.

There are typically two styles of completions, those in which are fully digital only and judging of images are conducted by viewing on a colour calibrated monitor, the second is where entries submitted into the competitions must be a physical print.

For competitions where a physical print is required, this holds a greater value for the artist as the photographer must demonstrate the necessary skills from image capture through to producing a final print. Images that may look great on a digital screen, my not be great when finally printed. It's within this very aspect that distinguishes the skills of a professional photographer. The creation of a print is an art form unto itself.

Formally, the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) were the most renowned and important photographic awards in Australia. Prints were judged by fellow photographers whom dissect every aspect of an image and score the print in a number of key areas in which the photographer has been able to demonstrate.

The most important areas judges will look for when evaluating a print include;

  • The impact of the image; How it makes you feel when you first see it?, The emotion and storytelling ability of the image.
  • Technical qualities - Composition, presentation, exposure, lighting, colour / colour harmony, tonality, posing & expressions.
  • Post processing including: Creative Style and technique.


Awards that Flavio has received for his works:
  • 2019:
  • Silver Award - APPA Awards - Landscape.
  • Colour Print of The Year - Kiama-Shellharbour Camera Club
  • Print of the Month (May, June, July) - Kiama-Shellharbour Camera Club
  • 2016:
  • Image of the Year, 2nd Place, Focus Awards
  • Gold Award - APPA Awards - Landscape.
  • Silver Award - APPA Awards - Science, Wildlife & Wild Places
  • Silver Award - NSW AIPP Awards - Landscape.
  • 2015:
  • 1 Silver Award, 10 Bronze Awards - Focus Awards 2015 - Landscape.
  • Bronze Award - The International Epson Pano Awards.
  • 2014:
  • 7 Bronze Awards, 1 Silver - Focus Awards 2014 - Seascape & Landscape.
  • 2013:
  • 2 Silver Awards, 4 Bronze Awards - Better Photography - Creative & Landscape.
  • 2009:
  • Silver Distinction Award - APPA 2009 - Science, Environment & Nature.
  • 2008:
  • Silver Distinction Award - APPA 2008 - Science, Environment & Nature.
  • 2007:
  • Sliver Award - APPA 2007 - Landscape.
  • Silver Award - NSW AIPP Awards - Landscape.

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